Founded in 2015
Employees: 11-50
Computer & Network Security


Cyber attacks are rapidly evolving. Is your business protected?

Large businesses may have advanced internal cybersecurity, but an additional layer is needed to defend against sophisticated threats from outside your network. BlueVoyant provides the most comprehensive external cyber threat detection for the private sector, and we offer managed security services for smaller businesses.

BlueVoyant is a global cybersecurity firm that provides Advanced Threat Intelligence, for large companies and a comprehensive Managed Security Service and Cyber Forensics and Incident Response services for smaller businesses, powered by one of the largest commercially-available cyber threat database in the world.

By working with BlueVoyant, companies can gain unique and far-reaching visibility into malicious activity on their networks, in the dark web and across the internet, as well as real-time, automatable remediation services. Through our unique real-time external threat monitoring, predictive human and machine-sourced intelligence, and proactive managed security and incident response, BlueVoyant offers the private sector exceptional cyber defense capabilities.

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