Founded in 1997
Employees: 11-50
Computer Software


We are the leader in “advancing the art and science of delivering quality software.” CorTechs specializes in key Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) engagements associated with Quality Assessment, Sensible IT Automation, Legacy Transformation and Secure Outcomes.

Since its founding, CorTechs has assisted more than 400 customers in their efforts to predict and/or solve software quality functionality issues throughout ALM. CorTechs business experience base spans Federal, State and Local Governments along with the Private Sector – providing a unique perspective of best practices to solve common problems.

CorTechs focus on quality as the key to productivity through the use of advanced tools and methods to drive customer success has led to significant partnerships. Among others, CorTechs partners include companies like CA , HP and SOASTA.

CorTechs maintains an extraordinary workforce, highly certified, and capable of assisting businesses through the most critical phases of “total” Application Lifecycle Management, including the stabilization and/or transformation of many legacy systems.

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