Founded in 2001
Employees: 51-200
Computer & Network Security


We push the limits of existing technology and celebrate the birth of new ideas. As an industry leader in cyber security, threat analysis and trusted systems development. We invest in our own Research and Development programs and successfully position G2 on strategic contracts to tackle our clients'​ most critical cyber challenges.

We seek out and solve the most complex challenges impacting our Nation's ability to collect, utilize, and defend digital information. With a wealth of experience in the intelligence community and the defense industry, our team is uniquely positioned to truly understand our customers’ challenges and to offer solutions that are tailored to their objectives.

It is our belief that the future of our free society depends on our Nation's ability to navigate the nexus between data exploitation and protection. We also believe that more than any other factors, creativity and innovation will shape our Country's ability to enjoy an information advantage.

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