Integrated Intel Solutions

Founded in 2002
Employees: 11-50
Consulting Information Tech


We are a leaning forward provider of technical and engineering support for the Integrated Intelligence community. We provide mission solutions for AWS/C2S (cloud) engineering and integration, systems and strategic engineering and architecture, data science and machine learning, legacy systems migration, ICIE/ICITE services engineering, and program and financial expertise.

We provide solutions that improve the proficiency and quality of actionable intelligence collection production and sharing. Leveraging deep expertise in integrated intelligence concepts, agile development techniques, and a shared platform concepts; IIS has been trusted by both private and public institutions to create infrastructures that are both effective and cost efficient. We continue to evolve to meet the future technology needs of the IC including machine learning, big data and anticipatory intelligence.

IIS can do this by bringing completely cleared and very qualified talent to provide integrated intelligence project solutions for the Intelligence Community.

Opening in McLean, VA

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