Intercare Therapy

Founded in 1979
Employees: 201-500
Consumer Services


We empower families impacted by autism to achieve independence and guarantee the best quality of life for our Intercare kids.

We are a family-run, family-focused therapy provider of evidence-based services. Our work is proven to help children and young adults diagnosed with autism and related disorders. We value compassion, communication and collaboration in our approach to therapy, recognizing and celebrating the individuality of each and every one of our Intercare kids while applying proven, time-tested therapeutic treatment approaches.

We offer individualized, evidence-based interventions to help clients and families achieve and maintain positive behavior change across home, school, community, or clinic settings. All of our services are based on the principals of ABA. ABA is an evidence-based approach utilizing individualized treatment plans, derived from standardized assessments, which use established milestones of typical development to determine the treatment goals. Our clinicians work to decrease challenging behaviors and teach new skills to increase desired behavior.

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