Founded in 2014
Employees: 11-50
Computer Software


We provide enterprise-grade messaging solutions for the world’s leading organizations on a vibrant open source platform. Our private cloud solutions offer secure, configurable, highly-scalable messaging across web, phone and PC with archiving, search, and deep integration across in-house systems. Customers include Intel, Samsung, McKinsey & Company, Medtronic, Urban Outfitters, and the United States Department of Energy.

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, our company serves customers around the world with a distributed organization spanning 7 time zones.


Our mission is to empower every organization to achieve their highest priorities through modern communication. Our vision is a world more connected to what matters most.


We develop two product lines:

Mattermost Team Edition is an open source, private cloud team communications solution, free to use under MIT license, deployed by thousands of companies around the world in 13 languages. Mattermost, Inc. works in partnership with over 500 open source contributors to continually improve the software.

Mattermost Enterprise Edition is a commercial, private cloud enterprise communication solution sold via annual subscription built on top of the Mattermost open source project. Customers use our commercial and open source platforms, including open source mobile and desktop applications, to create secure, scalable, highly configurable and customizable solutions tailored to their specific communication needs.


Mattermost was created as an open source alternative to proprietary SaaS services that paywall organizations from their own data. Mattermost, Inc., as the steward of the Mattermost open source project, is committed to preventing lock-in by ensuring commercial Mattermost solutions always offer a downgrade path to the open source version without data loss.

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