Founded in 2009
Employees: 51-200


Ranker is the #1 online destination for broad, opinion-based, crowdsourced rankings of everything.

We put the power in the hands of our audience to answer debates on topics including pop culture, sports, politics, brands and lifestyle. Using Ranker's unique technology, those lists become definitive rankings based on the "wisdom of the crowd."

Based in Los Angeles with a sales office in New York, Ranker was founded in 2009 by CEO Clark Benson. A Quantcast Top 100 site, Ranker attracts more than 20 million monthly unique visitors and is growing by more than 50% year-over-year.

Ranker's lists and opinion data are regularly cited in the media, including The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Mashable, Huffington Post, The Hollywood Reporter, and USA Today, among many others. The company is VC-backed by Draper Associates, Rincon Ventures, Siemer / Wavemaker Ventures, Lowercase Capital, Bullpen Capital and various angels.

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