Taylor Gourmet

Founded in 2008
Employees: 201-500
Food & Beverages


Taylor Gourmet is a modern take on a neighborhood hoagie and salad shop. What is a hoagie, you ask? Depending on where you grew up hoagies can also called subs, grinders or sandwiches. Our hoagies and salads are handcrafted from start to finish, made to order and served with the brotherly love you can only learn by growing up in Philadelphia. Our modern take on it all starts with our industrial décor. You will see design elements in our restaurants that you will not find anywhere else. We take ordinary items such as five gallon buckets and turn them into light fixtures and wood pallets and turn them into walls. We translate that to the food we serve by taking everyday ingredients and prepare and combine them in a way that is truly unique.

At Taylor Gourmet we look for energetic, positive and motivated people to grow with us. We want people to share the passion for food we have and get excited about roasting their own meats, emulsifying dressings and simmering stocks. At the same time we work with vendors to ensure we are getting the best quality meats and vegetables to provide the freshest experience for our guests.

The potential for opportunity is enormous at Taylor Gourmet. We have a sophisticated training program to develop skills and leadership and have a track record for turning cashiers into department heads. Our core values encompass food quality, people development and elevating the guest experience. We surround ourselves with hard working, smart, motivated and exciting people to make sure each day is more fun than the last.

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