Founded in 2012
Employees: 11-50
Computer Software


The most powerful and precise identity resolution and matching platform.

At Verato we offer a cloud-based platform that represents the new best-in-class identity resolution and matching technology. Compared to conventional master patient index (MPI) and master data management (MDM) tools, the Verato platform is 12x faster to deploy, 15x more precise, and has a 2.5x lower total cost of ownership.

Our technology was born from methods and algorithms used in counter-terrorism operations—finding suspects regardless of what identities they assumed. We took those same methods and algorithms and applied them to challenges faced by the commercial market—resolving identities regardless of whether those identities are represented by out-of-date, incorrect, incomplete, or inconsistent identification data like names, addresses, and birthdates.

The Verato platform enables healthcare organizations to assemble complete clinical pictures of their patients and perform more accurate analytics. It enables businesses to develop a single view of their customers across diverse brands and disparate channels. And it enables government departments and agencies to gain more accurate views of their citizens to provide more effective services.

We invested four years, millions of dollars, and thousands of man-hours of data science, data engineering, algorithmic, and cloud-services expertise to build the most comprehensive and precise identity resolution and matching technology on the market. And we built it in the cloud—so any enterprise can deploy it in weeks and scale it to support their largest challenges.

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